• MICHELIN XDR2 (100%)



The MICHELIN reference for rigid dump truck tyres.

A longer lasting tyre
Superior resistance to cuts and aggressions
Improved environmental sustainability
MICHELIN XDR2 in action

Extended tread life

Tread volume increased from 4% to 20%*

Up to 20% additional tread volume

Innovative cooling system 10% more ventilated during the first 50% of tread life…

Cool running innovative tread rubber compound

New optimized sculpture with cooling vents
New tread pattern

Full depth tread blocks

New optimized sculpture
- Self cleaning tread pattern
- 13% larger central lug than MICHELIN XDR
Non directional design

More rubber volume
- Significant cooling capabilities
- Increasing contact patch when the tire is half worn

Longer lasting casing and bead

C2 technology

C² technology (Improved casing geometry) reduces heat build up

Improved lower sidewall and stronger bead

An exclusive manufacturing process allowing for the optimal curing of the bead area
It improves the mechanical characteristics of the lower sidewall

Improved sidewall design

Smoother profile** has better distribution of sidewall stress
Reduced propagation of sidewall cuts
* Depending on the space restrictions on the trucks

** Providing reduced rubber tension for better resistance to cuts

Thicker undertread up to 10%*

Between the protection ply and base of tread*
* varies by dimension

Stronger working plies

Protection plies + 60% Stronger

Fewer raw materials consumed

Longer lasting tyre
Better reparability and retreadability due to MICHELIN casing
XDR2 is lighter weight than competitors

Environmentally-friendly tyre design

Free of aromatic oils

Cleaner manufacturing process

All our Earthmover factories are ISO 14001 certified
Michelin environmental impact has been reduced by 22% since 2005

Available sizesTreadTRA CodeTubelessResistance ratingTread depth
59/80 R 63 MICHELIN XDR2 E4 TL 90 72
27.00 R 49 MICHELIN XDR2 E4 TL 113 90
33.00 R 51 MICHELIN XDR2 E4 TL 118 94
40.00 R 57 MICHELIN XDR2 E4 TL 123 98
37.00 R 57 MICHELIN XDR2 E4 TL 128 102
53/80 R 63 MICHELIN XDR2 E4 TL 138 110
56/80 R 63 MICHELIN XDR2 E4 TL 138